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All Natural

All natural, non-pharmaceutical patent protected formulation supporting overall brain health and function.

Patented Ingredients

Contains a proprietary blend of patented ingredients, clinically tested to show optimized focus, alertness, concentration and positive mood.

Clinically Tested

Backed by successful human clinical trials, including a long-term study at the prestigious targeting age-related inflammation (inflammaging) and a foggy brain.

Optimized Communication

Promotes optimized brain to gut communication, providing nutrients to brain and neurons.

Reality Check

Are you starting to forget things, like business meetings or social events?

As you age, do you find it difficult to complete tasks, or even remember why you started the tasks in the first place?

Do you lose your train of thought?

Well, you’re not alone.

The “Foggy Brain” is a normal part of the aging process, and indicates information overload, and age-related cognitive decline (ARCD).

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Causes of Age-Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD)

Poor Gut-Brain two-way communication.

Poor sleep / Disrupted Circadian Rhythm.

Compromised immune system.

Increased Stress or negative mood.

Poor nutrition and normal hormonal imbalance.

Side effects of certain medications / food reactions.


A healthy brain means a healthy body

Be Drug-free
Cerbella is a drug-free, revolutionary new dietary supplement, containing natural, non-GMO ingredients that have been shown to boost cognitive performance, enhance mental clarity and focus, and optimize Brain-to-Gut communication and overall health.
Reach Peak Mental Performance
Just two Cerbella softgels a day, deliver this proprietary formula that is perfect for seniors, college students, professionals, athletes, and anyone looking to achieve peak mental performance.
Increase Productivity
Overcome brain fog, forgetfulness, and lack of focus, get ready for sharper thinking, improved recall, and increased productivity.
Just Excel!
This supplement is perfect for college students, professionals, and anyone who wants to give their brain the extra edge it needs to excel.

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Have a gut feeling that you want to learn more about the science behind Cerbella?

We’re not surprised, because the gut “talks” to the brain, and, likewise, the brain “talks” to the gut!

What is the Gut-Brain Axis (GBA)?

The gut-brain axis is a two-way communication between your gut and brain. It’s the basis for understanding how the intestines influence activities of your brain, mood, behavior, and cognition. Those brain functions, in turn, influence how the gut performs its critical function, to ensure the body gets the nutrients it needs.

What is the brain’s role in the GBA?

In a word, Major.

The brain sends critical signals down to the digestive system, and is responsible for interpreting signals being sent from the gut. The brain influences gut function, and has a direct impact on the digestion process. Nutritional and environmental factors affecting either brain or gut, can disrupt this normal communication, and as a result, adversely affect our overall nutrition and health.

Cerebella™ is formulated with the right combination of clinically backed ingredients, to provide the focused nutritional support, promoting the brain to gut communication.

Try CerbellaTM risk-free, today.
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How do the core ingredients in Cerbella “combine forces” so you can support brain function?

Boost, Reduce, and Optimize!

All of the ingredient in drug-free, safe, and patented Cerbella, have been shown to work on multiple pathways for a highly functioning mind. While they bring different modes of action to the table, combined they all (1) boost cholinergic activity (for better recall and processing speed), (2) reduce age-related inflammation to the Central and Peripheral Nervous System, and (3) optimize communication with the gut to regulate the microbiome.

Try CerbellaTM risk-free, today.
DHA and EPA Omega-3 concentrates

Essential fatty acids which boost natural antioxidants, support healthy lipid levels and support normal cell genesis and cellular energy.

Ginseng Phospholipid Complex

Enhances bioavailability, maintain normal cell turnover (apoptosis and senescence) while strengthening the immune system.

Tea Catechins

Maintain normal levels of iron in the tissues, and ensures proper protein regulation to ensure cellular stamina.

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